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Change your mask before leaving the lab

As we transition through the re-opening phases in Washington, remember that the facemask required for working in a lab is different than the facemask you need to go the grocery store. If you are working with infectious agents, hazardous chemicals or radiological materials in the lab while wearing a cloth face covering, it could become contaminated during the course of your work and you may not even know it. You could take a biological agent or chemical home with you on your cloth mask - potentially exposing yourself, your family, roommates or the general public.


Protect wildlife habitat by preventing pollution in campus stormwater

Stormwater drains on the UW campuses empty directly into local waterways, which can carry pollution that harms wildlife, such as birds and fish. Campus activities can put the surrounding natural areas at risk when garbage, oils, chemicals and other potentially harmful substances are allowed to flow into stormwater drains.

stormwater drain
Stormwater drain on a UW campus