Radiation Use Authorization (RUA)

EH&S’s Radiation Safety team issues Radiation Use Authorizations (RUAs) to principal investigators who use radioactive material.

Principal Investigators (PIs) and researchers who work with radioactive material must be properly trained, and must conduct the work under a Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) issued by EH&S’s Radiation Safety team.

What you need to know

All work with radioactive material must be conducted under the supervision of a PI who has been issued a Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) for the work. Each RUA contains terms and conditions specific to the approved use of the material. Use of radioactive material outside of the scope described in the RUA is strictly prohibited and can result in restriction or termination of the RUA.

Getting Started

A researcher who would like to work with radioactive material should check to see if his or her PI is already authorized. If the PI is not authorized, the options include:

  • Having the PI submit an RUA application
  • Finding a PI who is willing to sponsor and be accountable for the work that will be performed
  • Seeing if you meet the training and experience qualifications to be considered a PI for radioactive material work, so that you can apply for an RUA

Applying for an RUA

The RUA application process starts by contacting the Radiation Safety team. A health physicist will work with you to get the information needed for the RUA application.

All RUA applications are reviewed by either the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) or the radiation safety officer.

Verifying Radiation Use Authorizations

Twice per year, an RUA Verification Report is sent to all PIs who possess a Radiation Use Authorization.

The PI or designated RUA contact is required to:

  • Review the information (locations, material, conditions, meters and personnel) on the verification report to verify whether it is correct. Discrepancies should be noted on the report.
  • Return the RUA Verification Report to EH&S within 30 days.

EH&S's Radiation Safety team may conduct periodic RUA audits.


What you can do to stay safe

  • Perform surveys
  • Surveys help ensure radioactive material is not being spread to places where it doesn’t belong (contamination).
  • Work under an active RUA The RUA approval process includes an evaluation of PPE, shielding and survey requirements to keep you safe.
  • Wear appropriate PPE and utilize effective shielding.
  • Practice good hygiene.
  • Minimize dose by limiting time, increasing distance or increasing shielding.

Services Available

Radiation Safety provides the following services:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

E-mail your interest in applying to EH&S’s Radiation Safety team at radsaf@uw.edu.

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