Facilities Projects Support

Updated November 9, 2021

The Facilities Projects Support Program provides review, consultation and testing for construction projects impacting facilities occupied by UW personnel or students.

EH&S participates by providing plan review during the design phase, consultation and submittal review during design and construction and testing of select systems near the end of construction. The level of EH&S participation depends on the scope of the project and the opportunities and needs of the project management team for owned and leased facilities. EH&S collaborates with UW Project Delivery Group and their consultants, UW Facilities, and others involved in capital development and minor alterations.

Any project with potential to impact the safety of UW occupants or maintenance personnel should include EH&S as part of the project team.

Services available

EH&S provides the following services:

  • Participate in program & pre-design stages
  • Review design plans and specifications
  • Review fire safety shop drawings
  • Review consultant reports
  • Test and certify fume hoods and biosafety cabinets
  • Participate in commissioning of facility systems

Design standards

Design support personnel

The EH&S staff assigned to a project usually consists of one or more core reviewers and additional staff depending on the scope of the project.  A complete list of review staff and their areas of expertise is available on the Facilities Project Support EH&S Staff Roles reference.

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