Accident Prevention Plan

The University’s Accident Prevention Plan (APP) covers the anticipated occupational hazards that generally apply to employees across the University. It outlines policies and procedures implemented to reduce or eliminate these hazards. Employees include staff, faculty and students or volunteers in paid permanent, part-time or seasonal positions. The APP applies to all schools, departments and organizations within the University, excluding the UW Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center.  

The APP is designed to replace the Departmental Health and Safety Plans that departments were previously expected to develop and maintain. However, departments should continue to maintain elements of their former Departmental Health and Safety Plan that address health and safety topics not covered in this document that are relevant to a specific worksite.

The APP does not replace existing documents or records such as those listed below.

The documents above supplement the APP and remain crucial to the total health and safety program of a department. Departments may choose to add some or all of these documents as addendums to the core APP.

The goal of the APP is to provide core health and safety guidance that applies to all employees at the University. To be effective, all employees should know about the APP and become familiar with the topics the document covers.

View the University of Washington Accident Prevention Plan.

New employee safety orientation

An important section of the Accident Prevention Plan is the information regarding a new employee’s safety orientation. As stated in the APP, every employee at the University must undergo a safety orientation that covers important health and safety information.

Supervisors can download the New Employee Safety Orientation Template, which covers the required health and safety topics to be discussed during an orientation. Supervisors can add additional information to this template if needed.

First aid

The APP also covers the requirements for ensuring first aid treatment for employees. Every department should have a plan in place to ensure that their employees have access to quick and effective first aid. More information on first aid policies can be found in the First Aid Guidelines.

Job hazard analysis

In order to understand what hazards exist within a department or area that are not covered by the APP, departments should conduct a job hazard analysis. The Job Safety Analysis Template can help identify the hazards associated with work processes. Contact EH&S if you need assistance identifying hazards beyond those covered in the APP.

An Introduction to Health and Safety at the University of Washington

This video serves as a health and safety orientation promoting safe work practices at the University of Washington.


Accident and Injury Reporting

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First Aid Plan Guidelines
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Job Hazard Analysis Template
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Accident Prevention Plan
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