Ergonomic tips for your home office


To reduce the risk of injury related to telework activities consider the following ergonomic tips when setting up your workstation:


computer setup
Image credit: University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Set up your keyboard and mouse together on a level surface at elbow height.
  • Place your monitor an arms distance away and adjust the height of the monitor to eye level or just below. Use a box or books to achieve the proper height.
  • Keep arms at your side, elbows bent at 90 degrees, keeping your wrists straight or slightly downward. You may have to place a pillow or cushion under you if the table is too high.
  • Using a laptop that does not allow the screen and keyboard to be separated can result in either neck/head strain or hand/wrist strain. An external monitor can be used to achieve the proper monitor height.
  • Close the blinds or locate the monitor away from the window to eliminate or avoid glare.


chair setup
Image credit: American Industrial Hygiene Association

  • Adjust your chair so that your legs are parallel to the floor and your feet can be placed on the floor. Use a footrest or stack some books to support your feet if needed.
  • If you need more back support roll up a towel or place a cushion behind your lower back to provide better lumbar support.
  • Locate your phone and other accessories within in arms reach. To enhance teleworking options see UW IT resources.

Image credit: University of Wisconsin-Madison 


Get up, stretch and move around often. Take a five minute break every 30-40 minutes, especially if your workstation is less supportive for neutral postures.

For more information, contact EH&S at or 206.543.7388.


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