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Protect wildlife habitat by preventing pollution in campus stormwater

Stormwater drains on the UW campuses empty directly into local waterways, which can carry pollution that harms wildlife, such as birds and fish. Campus activities can put the surrounding natural areas at risk when garbage, oils, chemicals and other potentially harmful substances are allowed to flow into stormwater drains.

stormwater drain
Stormwater drain on a UW campus


Tips for completing the Animal Use Medical Screening form

University faculty, staff, and students must complete an animal use health screening prior to work in any University animal care and use environment to evaluate and address potential health risks related to working with research animals.

You can help speed up the health screening process by following these tips when completing the online Animal Use Medical Screening (AUMS) form:

1. Verify your contact Information.


New University policy to support laboratory safety

The University’s new Administrative Policy Statement 12.7 supporting laboratory safety is now published. The policy establishes University requirements for oversight of chemical and physical safety in research and academic environments, including the establishment of the Institutional Chemical and Physical Safety Committee (ICAPS), and an escalation process for addressing laboratory safety findings.