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Control volatile organic chemical smells

Does your laboratory have volatile organic chemicals that produce strong, pungent odors even when the cap and bottle are intact? Controlling these smells, often found in chemical storage areas, will help reduce your risk of exposure.

Volatile organic chemicals can escape their containers, which presents an exposure risk to everyone in the lab. Restricting the ability for the chemical to disperse into the air can lower that risk.


3M issues User Advisory Notice for Versaflow PAPR Cartridges

3M™ issued a User Advisory Notice for the 3M™ Versaflo™ TR-6590N Multi-Gas/HE Cartridge due to a potential for reduced particulate filter service life when using an affected cartridge in a high particulate loading environment. This does not put users at risk for exposure because the particulate filtration performance of the TR-6590N continues to provide approved HEPA filtration efficiency performance.