Training Course Selection Guides

The guides below provide assistance on identifying EH&S training classes available for University personnel.

Each guide will help you to determine:

  • Which trainings are relevant to your job
  • Whether the training is required or recommended
  • How the training is offered (online or in-person)
  • How frequently the training should be taken

Available training course selection guides:

General Health and Safety Course Selection Tool

This is a comprehensive, task-based tool with a checklist of hazards to determine required and recommended safety training. Click on each section to find a list of potential hazards and select the ones related to your job.

A PDF version of this guide can be found here: General Health and Safety Course Selection Guide (PDF)

Safety Training for Laboratory Personnel

The Laboratory Safety Training Guide is to be used by personnel working in a lab setting.

Safety Training for Shop Personnel

The Shop Safety Training Guide is to be used by personnel working in a shop setting.


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