Chemical Waste Disposal

EH&S is responsible for the collection of hazardous chemical waste for the University, including all campuses and off-site locations. Hazardous chemical waste is defined as any liquid, gaseous, or solid chemical that is ignitable, corrosive, reactive, toxic, or persistent, and is no longer useful or wanted.

According to Administrative Policy Statement 11.2, organizational units and departments cannot contract with an outside vendor to collect hazardous waste.

There is no charge for hazardous chemical waste collection, except for unknowns and unstable peroxide forming chemicals

Read the instructions How to Label Chemical Waste Containers to find out how to comply with hazardous waste labeling requirements.

Request a one-time chemical waste collection

To request a chemical waste collection, submit your request one of two ways:

If you have a chemical waste routine number, enter it in the Routine Chemical Waste Collection Request form

Set up a new routine chemical waste collection

If you generate waste on a regular basis, consider setting up a routine pickup.

  • To set up a routine pickup, complete a Request New Chemical Waste Routine form.
  • Your chemical waste will be assigned a routine number that will be linked to the waste composition and the pickup location.
  • If you have questions about whether a waste qualifies for routine collection, email or call 206.616.5835.


What you need to know


Call 206.616.5835 with questions about hazardous chemical waste disposal.

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