Chemical Exchange

The Chemical Exchange program allows MyChem users to share unused chemical inventory to save money and reduce waste.

The Chemical Exchange allows you to search for available chemicals or chemical products in MyChem inventories, and save money and reduce waste. You can flag chemicals in your own inventory to share with others at the University. Hundreds of chemicals are waiting to be exchanged.

How to use the chemical exchange:

  1. Log into MyChem and click the “UW Chemical Exchange” button under the Report menu.

  2. Search by a specific chemical name, part of a chemical name or a MyChem Chemical ID. You can also search by Facility to view available chemicals in a particular building, or just click the desired report type to view the entire list of chemicals available on the UW Chemical Exchange.

  3. Email the listed contact to arrange a transfer of the chemical.

  4. Add that chemical to your MyChem inventory when you receive it.

How to advertise that you have a surplus chemical or product:

  1. While in your inventory, click on the chemical(s) you no longer need, or wish to share on the UW Chemical Exchange.

  2. At the bottom of the following page, selet Yes next to "List in UW Chemical Exchange?" and click Update.

  3. Update your inventory after giving away chemicals or picking up a surplus chemical from the exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Only chemicals in excellent condition, not past their expiration date, and preferably unopened should be advertised in the Exchange.

No. Chemicals can only be exchanged between UW employees. The chemical owner should make sure that the recipient is a University employee and has a reasonable use for the chemical.   

If you feel that an outside entity would be a good candidate for your surplus chemical, contact EH&S at 206.616.5835 and we will handle any transactions with non-UW organizations. A hold harmless agreement must be signed by the recipient to make this transfer.


If you are transporting a chemical on public roads, some restrictions apply. Walking with a chemical in public areas also can present hazards. Please call EH&S at 206.616.5835 for packaging and transport assistance.


MyChem Contact

(206) 616-4046