Safety Manuals

Safety manuals contain vital information to maintain the health and safety of those working with potentially hazardous materials or equipment.

Any UW faculty, staff or student working with hazardous chemicals, biological agents, radioactive materials, lasers and/or scientific diving equipment should follow the rules and guidance provided in the appropriate safety manual(s).

The safety manuals listed below were prepared in accordance with federal, state and local regulations and policies.

Click on the title to access each manual.

Biohazardous Waste Management Plan  March 2021
Biosafety Manual  September 2019
Boating Safety Manual  April 2019
Chemical Hazard Communication Program Manual   December 2017
Field Operations Safety Manual  March 2021
Laboratory Safety Manual  December 2020
Laser Safety Manual  August 2007
Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Manual  June 2017
Radiation Safety Manual  September 2003 
Scientific Diving Safety Manual  April 2016

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