Video shows two ways to submit a chemical waste collection request


Chemical waste generators at the University have two ways to submit waste collection requests:

  1. Directly from your MyChem inventory

  2. From the Chemical Waste Disposal page on the EH&S website

A new video shows you these tools and walks you through the steps of submitting requests for chemical waste collection from any UW location.

You can use these tools for chemicals currently in your MyChem inventory as well as for chemical mixtures, materials and wastes not listed in your inventory.

Chemical waste generated on a regular basis, such as waste generated by equipment or experiments, may be set up for a routine pickup by EH&S. This video covers how to get your routine account number assigned and how to establish a routine pickup for your location. 

For additional questions about chemical waste disposal, please visit the Chemical Waste Disposal page on the EH&S website.