Notice of Cleaning and Decontamination Form (updated 8/10/21)


Updated 8/10/21

The Notice of Cleaning and/or Decontamination Form (Word) must be completed by a UW employee knowledgeable of the hazardous materials used in, on and/or around a space, equipment, appliance or furniture when either of the following occur:

1. The dirty or contaminated equipment, appliance or furniture is being repaired or removed (for disposal, reuse or surplus).

2. The space is being vacated. 

Sharps and Lab Glass Waste

Sharps waste is regulated by state law and requires special handling. Sharps are instruments used to puncture or cut body parts. In a waste container, sharps can cause cuts, punctures and potential exposure to waste handlers.

Laboratory glass and plastic waste are not technically sharps but can puncture regular waste bags and injure waste handlers. The rules for packaging and disposal of laboratory glass and plastic waste differ depending on whether or not the items are contaminated.