Staff Directory

Photo of Meli Ahumada
Meli Ahumada
Assistant to the Senior Director
(206) 616-5561
Katia Harb, Interim Senior Director
Katia Harb
Senior Director
(206) 616-4146

Rick	Busselle, Environmental Control Technician
Rick Busselle
Environmental Control Technician
(206) 616-4783
No photo available
Bob Calnan
Environmental Control Technician
(206) 221-5549
Jeff Forister, Environmental Control Technician
Jeff Forister
Environmental Control Technician
(206) 616-5529
Kurt Geissel, Environmental Control Technician
Kurt Geissel
Environmental Control Technician
(206) 616-6227
Alex Hagen, Compliance Analyst
Alex Hagen
Compliance Analyst
(206) 221-2339
Tracy Harvey, Interim Assistant Director
Tracy Harvey
Interim Assistant Director, Lab Safety
(206) 616-3778
John Kishleika, Safety Professional
John Kushleika
Safety Professional
(206) 543-2835
Jose Villegas, Safety Professional
Jose Villegas
Safety Professional
(206) 616-5516

Abebe Aberra, Public Health Program Manager
Abebe Aberra
Public Health Program Manager
(206) 616-1623
Anish Abraham, Information Systems Manager
Anish Abraham
Information Systems Manager
(206) 221-4442
Linda Blevins, Registered Nurse
Linda Blevins
Registered Nurse
(206) 543-9073
Marte Brady, ARNP, Nurse Practitioner
Marte Brady
ARNP, Nurse Practitioner
(206) 616-8203
Natalie Conner, RN Nurse Manager
Natalie Conner
RN Nurse Manager
(206) 543-8914
Karen Crow, Outreach & Communications Specialist
Karen Crow
Outreach & Communications Specialist
(206) 616-4131
Photo of Sheryl Schwartz
Sheryl Schwartz
Assistant Director
(206) 221-4610
No photo available
T. Clayon Seals
Patient Service Coordinator
(206) 616-9776
Rebecca Stenberg, Occupational Health Programs Manager
Rebecca Stenberg
Occupational Health Programs Manager
(206) 616-6281
Marissa VanRy, Public Health Program Specialist
Marissa VanRy
Public Health Program Specialist
(206) 543-7209

Stephen Bahl, Safety Professional
Stephen Bahl
Safety Professional
(206) 221-3353
Erin Dorn, Administrative Assistant III
Erin Dorn
Administrative Assistant III
(206) 616-8733
Doug Gallucci, Assistant Director
Doug Gallucci
Assistant Director
(206) 616-0595
Taylor Heiss, Program Operation Specialist
Taylor Heiss
Program Operation Specialist
(206) 685-3759
No photo available
Chris LaRocque
EH&S Technologist
(206) 221-1685
Kristin Lowe, MSDS/SDS Coordinator
Kristin Lowe
MSDS/SDS Coordinator
(206) 543-6514
Matt	Moeller, Environmental Program Manager
Matt Moeller
Environmental Program Manager
(206) 616-0588
Raymond	Noble, Safety Professional II
Raymond Noble
Safety Professional II
(206) 616-1837
Tony Stockman, Safety Professional II
Tony Stockman
Safety Professional II
(206) 543-2595
Mark Volkert, HAZMAT Shipping Coordinator
Mark Volkert
HAZMAT Shipping Coordinator
(206) 685-2849
John Wallace, Industrial Hygienist
John Wallace
Industrial Hygienist
(206) 616-5837
Darin Waller, EH&S Technologist
Darin Waller
EH&S Technologist
(206) 543-7970
Connie Wohlford, Computer Support Analyst
Connie Wohlford
Computer Support Analyst
(206) 685-1993

Denise Bender, Assistant Director
Denise Bender
Assistant Director
(206) 221-0368
Photo of Natalie Daranyi
Natalie Daranyi
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
(206) 543-0469
John Eriksen, Training Manager
John Eriksen
Training Manager
(206) 685-9342
Ellen Gunderson, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
Ellen Gunderson
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
(206) 543-0466
John, Gunderson, Senior Fire Protection Engineer
John Gunderson
Senior Fire Protection Engineer
(206) 616-3775
Angelina Haggard, Accident Reporting Sys. Administrator
Angelina Haggard
Accident Reporting System Administrator
(206) 616-3442
Sandy Jung, Compliance Analyst
Sandy Jung
Compliance Analyst
John Kelly, Program Operations Specialist
John Kelly
Program Operations Specialist
(206) 616-3722
Brandon Kemperman, Occupational Health & Safety Manager
Brandon Kemperman
Occupational Health & Safety Manager
(206) 543-1713
Manisha Konnur, Health and Safety Coordinator
Manisha Konnur
Health and Safety Coordinator
(206) 221-1759
Brett Konzek, Safety and Health Specialist
Brett Konzek
Safety and Health Specialist
(206) 543-0382
Erin	McKeown, Accident Prevention Manager
Erin McKeown
Accident Prevention Manager
(206) 221-2852
Scott Nelson, Fire Safety & Engineering Manager
Scott Nelson
Fire Safety & Engineering Manager
(206) 221-7055
Diego Oliver, Fire and Life Safety Specialist
Diego Oliver
Fire & Life Safety Specialist
(206) 221-7398
Diana Zumba, Fire Prevention Coordinator
Diana Zumba
Fire Prevention Coordinator
(206) 616-5530

Cam Ly Cao, Finance Manger
Cam-Ly Cao
Finance Manger
(206) 543-0462
Caitlin Coey, Administrative Assistant
Caitlin Coey
Administrative Assistant
(206) 221-2742
Max	deLaubenfels, Senior Computer Specialist
Max deLaubenfels
Senior Computer Specialist
(206) 543-4921
Sarah DeMun, Administrative Assistant
Sarah DeMun
Administrative Assistant
(206) 616-5520
No photo available
Lydia Gold
Budget/Fiscal Analyst Lead
(206) 543-9315
Jenna Gravley, Business and Data Analyst
Jenna Gravley
Business and Data Analyst
(206) 221-3354
Eric Hausman, Assistant Director
Eric Hausman
Assistant Director
(206) 616-3770
Mai Nguyen, Web Specialist
Mai Nguyen
Web Specialist
(206) 685-7310
Diana Sartorius Manager, Departmental Computing
Diana Sartorius
Manager of Department Computing
(206) 543-7263
Anne Tschider, Computer Services Consultant
Anne Tschider
Computer Services Consultant
(206) 616-5518

No photo available
Kathy Beavin
Program Coordinator
(206) 616-5563
Phil Campbell, Assistant Director / Radiation Safety Officer
Philip Campbell
Assistant Director / Radiation Safety Officer
(206) 543-4929
Joyce Chambers, Program Operations Specialist
Joyce Chambers
Program Operations Specialist
(206) 616-5585
Jennifer Johnson, Hospital Health Physicist
Jennifer Johnson
Hospital Health Physicist
(206) 598-2487
Amy	Lim, Compliance Analyst
Amy Lim
Compliance Analyst
(206) 685-5311
Kevin Makinson, Compliance Analyst
Kevin Makinson
Compliance Analyst
(206) 616-5022
No photo available
Corbin Powell
Radiation Safety Technician II
(206) 616-5573
No photo available
Ranae Ranade
Compliance Analyst
(206) 616-5574
Michael Zittle, Radioactive Materials Compliance Mgr
Michael Zittle
Radioactive Materials Compliance Mgr
(206) 616-8901

Andrea Badger, IBC/Research Coordinator
Andrea Badger
Biosafety Officer
(206) 685-0667
Judy Cashman, Occupational Health Nurse Supervisor
Judy Cashman
Occupational Health Nurse Supervisor
(206) 221-3025
Lesley Decker, Biosafety Officer
Lesley Decker
Biosafety Officer
(206) 221-5524
Tony Han,  Biosafety Officer
Tony Han
Biosafety Officer
(206) 616-5514
No photo available
Pema Kitaeff
Friday Harbor Labs Diving Officer
(206) 543-0876
Priya Kumar, Biosafety Officer
Priya Kumar
Biosafety Officer
(206) 543-7278
Photo of Robyn Kunsman
Robyn Kunsman
Research / Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Coordinator
(206) 685-6513
Zara	Llewellyn, Interim Assistant Director, Biosafety Manager
Zara Llewellyn
Interim Assistant Director, Biosafety Manager
(206) 221-2676
Will Love, Diving Safety Officer
Will Love
Diving Safety Officer
(206) 616-3776
Kao	Nomura, Administrative Assistant
Kao Nomura
Administrative Assistant
(206) 616-5897
Eric	Stefansson, Senior Biosafety Officer
Eric Stefansson
Senior Biosafety Officer
(206) 543-4969
Eleanor Wade, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
Eleanor Wade
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
(206) 616-3777

No photo available
Accident and Injury Reporting
(206) 543-7262
No photo available
EH&S Spill Advice
(206) 543-0467
No photo available
Select Agent Program
(206) 221-7770
No photo available
Occupational Safety and Health
(206) 543-7262
No photo available
EH&S Biosafety
(206) 221-7770
No photo available
Environmental Compliance
(206) 616-5835
No photo available
EH&S Public Health
(206) 616-1623
No photo available
UW Employee Health Center
(206) 685-1026
No photo available
Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP)
(206) 616-9074
No photo available
EH&S Hazardous Materials
(206) 685-2849
No photo available
EH&S MyChem
(206) 616-4046
No photo available
Occupational Health Nurse
(206) 221-7770
No photo available
EH&S Ergonomics Program
(206) 543-7388
No photo available
Respirator Program
(206) 616-3777
No photo available
EH&S Environmental Programs
(206) 616-5835
No photo available
EH&S Radiation Safety
(206) 543-0463
No photo available
Environmental Health & Safety Department
General Questions
(206) 543-7262
No photo available
Lab Safety Team
Lab Safety Team
(206) 685-3993
No photo available
EH&S Training
(206) 543-7201