Updated safety resources for 3D printers


3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, occurs on UW campuses in maker spaces, research labs and classrooms. New safety resources are available to University personnel and students using 3D printers, including an updated 3D Printer Safety Focus Sheet and two new standard operating procedures (SOP) templates.

The updated 3D Printer Safety Focus Sheet describes the potential hazards associated with 3D printers and the safety measures to implement before, during, and after working with a 3D printer. It describes the controls and PPE necessary to protect users from the ultrafine particles and volatile organic compounds emitted from 3D printers.row of 3D printers

University units with 3D printers are required to develop an SOP for each type of printer. Units can customize the following SOP templates for two types of printers:

Visit the Shop and Maker Space Safety page for more safety resources.

Contact Environmental Health & Safety at 206.543.7388 or ehsshop@uw.edu with questions.