Updated Radiation Safety Manual now available


The UW Radiation Safety Committee approved revisions to the Radiation Safety Manual in May 2023 to reflect current Radiation Protection Program practices. The updated manual is now available for download.

Highlighted changes include:

  • Incorporated the term “Radiation Use Authorization (RUA)” and “RUA holder.” [throughout]
  • Changed “Authorized Investigator” to “Principal Investigator (PI)” or “RUA holder” as applicable. [throughout]
  • Replaced the term “Radiation Safety Program” with “Radiation Protection Program.” [throughout]
  • Simplified emergency procedures to include EH&S Response Posters, which are posted in all use areas. These response posters summarize the actions needed for all previous emergency procedures. [Sections 1.B and 1.C]
  • Added the definition of PI previously approved by the Radiation Safety Committee. [Section 4.B.1]
  • Removed language for inactivating an RUA. Radiation Safety now only terminates RUAs and then reactivates them if needed. [Sections 4.J and 9.E.8]
  • Updated action levels for laboratory wipe and count rate meter surveys and added additional actions that can be taken when action level is exceeded. [Section 13.C]
  • Clarified the sewer disposal limit for a space used by multiple RUA holders. [Section 14.A.2.a]

Please contact Radiation Safety at radsaf@uw.edu with questions or comments regarding changes that were made to the Radiation Safety Manual.