Record chemical inventories for research vessels in MyChem



Personnel working on UW research vessels can now add their chemical inventories into MyChem, the University’s chemical tracking system. UW employees who use chemicals or chemical-containing products at any UW owned or leased facility are required to maintain chemical inventories in MyChem, and chemicals can include, but are not limited to, paint, compressed gas cylinders, epoxies, and fuel.

As part of completing a chemical hygiene plan for work, research vessel personnel should create a chemical inventory in the same manner that chemical inventories are created for a room on campus. To generate an inventory for a particular research vessel, type in “R/V” under Facility, and then select the vessel you will be working on. You can then proceed to enter in the specific chemicals you will be bringing on board.

After adding chemicals to the vessel’s MyChem inventory, print a caution sign to inform visitors and first responders to the specific chemical hazards present on the vessel. The caution sign should be posted on any doors opening into the space where chemicals are being used or stored. It is important to keep inventories and signage current, so be sure to remove chemicals from the inventory when your work has ended and they are taken off the vessel.

Field projects that involve the use of chemicals and hazardous materials must comply with requirements outlined in the UW Laboratory Safety Manual as well as practices outlined in the Field Operations Safety Manual.

Visit the EH&S Field Operations Safety webpage for more information and resources.


Rachel Carson research vessel