Health and safety committee nominations


Updated 10/31/23

It’s time again for the biannual health and safety committee elections. Most committees are seeking nominations for the next two-year term, which will begin on January 1, 2024

All University personnel are represented by one of the 10 organizational health and safety committees. Health and safety committees help identify unsafe conditions and methods of work, discuss and communicate safety concerns, and suggest corrective and safety measures to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. Committee members play an important role in the communication flow between the committee and units/departments it represents. Health and safety committee members are an important component of the University’s safety program.

Committee members are elected by their peers, selected by a union, or appointed by management for a two-year term. All University personnel, including managers, full-time, temporary, hourly, and student employees, are eligible to be nominated for and serve on a health and safety committee. You can nominate yourself or any other eligible employee. 

Contact the executive sponsor, chair of your committee, or election coordinator for more information on how to get involved with your health and safety committee. Visit the Health and Safety Committees webpage to view current committee rosters and get more information about the election process.