Do not block campus fire lanes


When 9-1-1 is called on the UW Seattle campus, UW Police and Seattle Fire Department emergency vehicles will use designated fire lanes to get to the scene of the emergency quickly. It is critical that campus fire lanes are kept clear at all times to avoid emergency responders losing time getting to someone who needs help.

Campus fire lanes are not always marked; some fire lanes may not be obvious because they also serve as major pedestrian paths. Check the UW Emergency Responders Map (requires a UWNetID) before your next event, move-out or delivery to ensure that the path of police and fire vehicles is not blocked. Fire lanes are required on campus per Seattle Fire Code Section 503 and may not be closed or obstructed without coordinating with the Fire Department. 

The UW Emergency Responders Map shows fire lanes, designated response points, hydrants, and fire department connections. EH&S keeps it up-to-date to reflect construction on campus and other temporary closures which may affect emergency response.

Additional information and resources to help you prepare for emergencies can be found on the EH&S website.