Complete an Annual Chemical Inventory Review


Have you reviewed your full chemical inventory this year? Even if you have been adding to and deleting items from your inventory, you will still need to attest to a full review of the inventory by clicking the Review Inventory button at the top of the list.arrow points to Review Inventory button

All chemicals listed in the UW MyChem inventory management system must be updated and reviewed annually, at minimum. Maintaining up-to-date chemical inventories in MyChem facilitates compliance with Fire Department Hazardous Material Storage and Use Permits (occupancy permits), EPA Community Right-To-Know reporting and Department of Homeland Security chemical security requirements.

Laboratories should use MyChem inventories to keep track of chemicals, avoid unnecessary purchases, prevent keeping legacy (or unneeded) chemicals and submit chemical collection requests.

Chemicals that are purchased jointly or for shared-use should be listed in only one chemical inventory, requiring a responsible party to be determined by the purchasers.

While conducting your physical inventory, examine containers for deterioration and integrity. Chemicals that are expired, corroded or no longer needed should be managed as hazardous chemical waste. For more information about chemical waste management, read Section 3 of the UW Laboratory Safety Manual.

Contact MyChem at / 206.616.4046 for additional information.