Changes to Laboratory Safety & Compliance Training


Laboratory Safety and Compliance is now Laboratory Safety Compliance AND Laboratory Safety Practices!

In response to attendee suggestions, the Laboratory Safety and Compliance course has been revised and split into two easily-accessible parts: An online and a classroom training.

The Laboratory Safety Compliance course is a 30-minute online training that provides regulatory and policy requirements and outlines expectations of Principal Investigators (PIs), chemical hygiene officers, and persons in supervisory roles in the research and teaching laboratories. This training also covers how to assemble your chemical hygiene plan by augmenting the UW Laboratory Safety Manual with laboratory-specific information.

Take the online training.

The Laboratory Safety Practices course is a 90-minute in-person training that addresses common laboratory hazards, provides guidance on risk assessment and reviews best practices in the laboratory for routine procedures. This course provides access to tools and documents to support your laboratory in maintaining a safe workplace. A prerequisite for this in-person course is the Laboratory Safety Compliance online course. Be sure to complete the online course before registering for this course.

Register for the classroom course.

Both courses are required for PIs, chemical hygiene officers, and supervisors in all UW research and teaching laboratories.

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