Environmental Health and Safety Assistant (EHSA)

EHSA home page

Environmental Health and Safety Assistant (EHSA) is an online tool to manage your lab’s biological safety inspections and radiation laboratory services, such as waste pickup requests and inventory management. 

Get started with EHSA

For help in navigating the EHSA site, please access the guides linked below, or email radsaf@uw.edu or ehsbio@uw.edu.

The principal investigator (PI) and designated permit contact for each Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) and Biological Use Authorization (BUA) should have access to log on to EHSA using their UWNetID credentials. 

If you’re having trouble logging in or need access, please email radsaf@uw.edu or ehsbio@uw.edu.

EHSA Resources:

To view a summary of all Radiation Safety and Biosafety inspections for labs that you manage, please visit the RS/BIO Inspection Dashboard

For chemical and general lab safety inspection reports, please visit the Lab Safety Dashboard page.


Environmental Health & Safety Contact

(206) 543-7262
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