Soldering SOP


Standard operating procedure (SOP) template for labs using electric soldering irons to address the hazards of leaded and non-leaded soldering of electrical components.



Graduate Student Safety Seminar: September 28, 2020

Incoming graduate students working in laboratories or other research spaces with hazards at any UW campus location attended the 2020 Graduate Student Safety Seminar

The seminar oriented new researchers to the University’s safety requirements, procedures and expectations, and informed them of safety resources and services available through EH&S. It was an opportunity to introduce new graduate students to the established strong culture of safety that will support them in creating a successful graduate career.


National Biosafety Month 2020: Update SOPs and Work Safely During COVID-19

October is National Biosafety Month, a time to focus on your lab’s biosafety policies and procedures. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected biological research labs in many ways, from potential difficulties obtaining personal protective equipment (PPE) and disinfectants to limiting how many people can work at a given time in a space. This year, EH&S would like labs to focus on creating or updating biosafety standard operating procedures (SOPs) and staying aware of how to work safely during COVID-19.