Laboratory Risk Assessment Tool (Lab R.A.T.)


The Laboratory Risk Assessment Tool (Lab R.A.T.) provides a framework for risk assessment complimenting the process researchers already use to answer scientific questions. This tool provides a format for researchers to systematically identify and control hazards to reduce risk of injuries and incidents.

Conduct a risk assessment prior to conducting an experiment for the first time and review the Lab R.A.T. Guidelines for further details.



Boating Safety


The UW Boating Safety Program oversees the safe use of water vessels of all sizes and classes by faculty, staff, students and approved volunteers at the University who are using these vessels as required by their employment or education.


The 2019 Biosafety Manual is now online

The 2019 edition of the UW Biosafety Manual is here! The most significant changes include:

  • Centrifuging biohazards information clarified
  • Biohazardous waste section reorganized
  • Approved autoclave chemical integrators included
  • Sharps safety information added
  • Risk assessment and routes of exposure updated
  • PI definition from IBC charter added
  • New biosafety cabinet type added

A list of changes is included in the log of changes.