Food Establishment Plan Review

Washington State food code sets standards for management and personnel, food operations, equipment and facilities. EH&S conducts food establishment plan reviews to ensure that the establishment meets state and federal regulations.

Plan review application steps

All plans for new and remodeled food service establishments must be submitted to EH&S for review and approval. This applies to leased facilities, major equipment alterations, and mobile units, such as espresso carts. This plan review ensures code compliance and promotes high standards for safety.  

The application is for a permanent food service establishment plan review only.

Mobile food establishments should refer to the Mobile Food Unit Policy and Guidelines.

The plan review:

  • Enables EH&S and operator to share a common understanding of the goals of the project
  • Engages all stakeholders prior to food service operations
  • Identifies and addresses deficiencies as early as possible
  • Ensures proper layout and flow of food
  • Lays the foundation for future compliance with food safety guidelines
  • Promotes active managerial control of foodborne illness risk factors

Plan review requirements

The requirements for plan review can be found in chapter eight of the Washington State Retail Food Code chapter 246-215.

  • Plans are required before construction, conversion of existing structure, or a remodel.
  • Plan review considers specifications, such as the menu, volume of food prepared, layout and equipment.
  • Plan reviews require submission of a properly completed application.
  • A hazard analysis and critical control points plan is required under specific circumstances.
  • The plan review includes a preoperational inspection.

Plan review application

Please complete a Food Establishment Plan Review Application and submit it to the EH&S Environmental Public Health team at

An EH&S reviewer will conduct a review of the plan and provide comments, suggestions and input with ten business days.


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