Radioactive Safety for Sealed Source - Online

1 hour
Prior to working with radioactive materials or recommended by EH&S Radiation Safety
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This course is designed for personnel who work with sealed and plated sources of ionizing radiation. Sealed and plated sources consist of radioactive material that is either encased in metal or plastic (sealed sources) or radioactive material that has been plated as a thin film onto metal or plastic (plated sources). The information provides basic knowledge of radiation safety procedures and terminology specific to the UW. This training provides a forum for radiation safety personnel who use sealed sources. This training does not fulfill training requirements for persons who use open sources of radioactivity or high activity gamma irradiators. To become a research participant on a sealed source authorization, contact the EH&S Radiation Safety Office at 206.543.0463 to begin this process.

Intended Audience 

Personnel who use only sealed sources of radioactive material


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