Radiation Safety for Dental Personnel - Online

1 hour
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This training is designed for all dental personnel who will be operating the x-ray equipment for dental radiology. It provides basic knowledge of radiation safety including ALARA principles, radiographic procedures, safe operation of each type of dental x-ray unit the operator will be operating, selection of proper techniques from a technique chart, patient radiation protection, proper image receptors processing, and any other topics necessary to meet the requirements specified in WAC 246-225A-020 sub-section (1).

Please contact School of Dentistry IT Help Desk at 206.616.3591 or SODIT@uw.edu with questions.

Accommodations and language services

The University of Washington is committed to providing access, equal opportunity, and reasonable accommodations to individuals who need them.

  • To request a disability accommodation, please contact the UW Disability Services Office at 206-543-6450 (V), 206-543-6452(TTY), or email at dso@uw.edu.
  • To request safety training in a language other than English, please contact EH&S training at ehstrain@uw.edu and notify your supervisor. EH&S will work with you and your supervisor to arrange for interpretation or translation services.
  • For other accommodation requests, please contact EH&S Training at ehstrain@uw.edu
Intended Audience 

All dental personnel who work with x-ray equipment in the UW School of Dentistry