Asbestos <1% Wallboard Systems and Lead Work Practices

7.5 hours
Respirator Use Authorization and a Respirator for Class
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This specialized course for building maintenance and alterations staff provides information and specific procedures to reduce exposure to asbestos and lead containing material in University buildings. Instruction covers recognizing the types of regulated materials use in building wallboard systems (asbestos, lead, PCBs, silica); the health effects, routes of exposure, engineering controls and work practices, and procedures to prevent exposure; proper use and limitations of personal protective equipment, and building signage and warning labels. Hands-on practice is provided for planning, setting up, using, cleaning up or disposing of protective equipment and containment. This course is not intended to cover abatement or cleanup of materials containing more than 1% asbestos. This course exceeds the requirement for annual Asbestos Awareness training.

Intended Audience 

Employees who perform maintenance and alterations work on building wallboard system materials that contain lead or <1% asbestos