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University units can use the Supplemental Accident Prevention Plan (SAPP) Template (Word) to organize their worksite-specific health and safety information, and address employee protections from site-specific occupational hazards that extend beyond the University of Washington Accident Prevention Plan.

Visit the Accident Prevention Plan webpage for more information.

Log of changes on 8/15/23:

  • Reduced redundancy between this Supplemental Accident Prevention Plan (Supplemental APP) template and the APP.
  • Simplified this Plan template so units only fill in the blanks for who is responsible for this Plan and other Health & Safety Plans.
  • Updated terminology: “personnel” replaces “employees”; “units” replaces “schools, departments, organizations or units”. 
  • Clarified distinction between roles and responsibilities versus health and safety resources.
  • Clarified roles and responsibilities to implement this Plan, including those of unit leader, safety coordinator and/or safety team, supervisors, and personnel.
  • Streamlined the First Aid Plan section because the First Aid Plan itself addresses first aid kits and locations, first aid and CPR training, AEDs, and Stop the Bleed.
  • Added a new section on Health and Safety Plans, including Bloodborne Pathogens, Communicable Diseases, Fall Protection Plan, Fieldwork Safety Plan, First Aid Plan, Outdoor Heat Safety Plan, Wildfire Smoke Exposure Plan, Working Alone, and Visitors in Restricted Areas.
  • Clarified how units can identify hazards and address them: utilize Appendix A (commonly recognized hazards) and other EH&S resources, Job Hazard Analysis or Lab Safety Risk Assessment Tool, SOPs, EH&S Training Course Selection Guide, PPE guidance.
  • Added a Review and Approval section to aid in accountability, and a Log of Changes section.
  • Specified that internal safety communications are required rather than optional, and addressed frequency and records retained.
  • Specified that personnel must be informed of who to contact in case of emergency at their worksites.
  • Updated information on Unit Response Center and Emergency Operations Center.
  • Clarified that there should be only one Fire Safety & Evacuation Plan per building; departments sharing a building need to coordinate on that shared FSEP.
  • Updated resources for workplace security plans.



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