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05/15/2020 - 16:15


Refer to the Facemask Focus Sheet (updated 9/17/21) for quick guidance on when face coverings are required, when face coverings can be removed and what type of face covering is acceptable.

Log of changes:

  • Updated requirement to wear a face covering outdoors at events with 500 attendees on 9/17/21.
  • Added types of face coverings that are acceptable on 9/17/21.
  • Updated graphic on page 2 to match CDC graphics on 9/14/21.
  • Added sections to address when a face covering can be removed and which type of face covering is acceptable on 9/14/21.
  • Updated requirements to align with revisions to the UW COVID-19 Face Covering Policy on 9/14/21.
  • Removed surgical mask information on 9/14.21.
  • Updated links from "Safe Start requirements" to "Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery plan" on 1/11/21
  • Updated requirement to wear face coverings in public areas on 3/18/21
  • Updated link to CDC guidance for selecting, wearing and cleaning face coverings on 3/18/21


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