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The COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines for In-Person Events (Word) provides guidance for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and for compliance with Washington state and local public health requirements at in-person events sponsored by or conducted at the University of Washington premises, including leased spaces. 

For events that require approval through the Use of University Facilities (UUF) process, event organizers must submit a completed In-Person Event COVID-19 Prevention Plan with their UUF Request Form.

For events that don’t require approval through the UUF process, event organizers must submit a completed In-Person Event COVID-19 Prevention Plan to the relevant University unit representative or sponsor.

Log of changes:

  • Increased capacity limits to align with Healthy Washington Phase 3 Guidelines on 3/22/21
  • Added item to encourage attendees and staff to activate the WA Exposure Notification application on mobile devices on 3/22/21
  •  Added reference to Campus Events guidance and the Events Permit Flowchart on 3/22/21
  • Added guidance for planned food service including application for  Temporary Food Service Permit (if needed) on 3/22/21
  • Added reference to state requirements for stadium and ballpark spectators on 3/22/21
  • Updated Applicability section on 1/20/21, 1/29/21 and 2/5/21.
  • Replaced Phase 3 and Phase 4 requirements with 'TBD" - updated 1/20/21
  • UW Affiliation in Phase 1 and 2 changed to "Events organized, sponsored or hosted by a UW unit" - updated 1/20/21
  • Deleted rows for Event Purpose and Venue - updated 1/21/20
  • Updated Attendance Limits in Phases 1 and 2 to align with Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery phase requirements - updated 1/20/21
  • Updated the In-Person Event COVID-19 Prevention Plan checklist to limit in-person meetings to "capacity limits" and removed mention of "Safe Start" - updated 1/20/21
  • These guidelines do not apply to "University-led youth programs, e.g., child care, pre-school, seasonal youth programs or other youth directed events" - added 12/18/20
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