Your Health and Safety Committee


Health & Safety Committees provide valuable contributions to the UW’s total workplace safety program. Ten committees represent all UW employees, and the new two-year term for these committees began January 1, 2016.

Representatives from these committees make up the University-Wide (U-Wide) Health and Safety Committee, which also began its new two-year term at the start of the year. The U-Wide committee has two representatives from each of the ten organizational committees, a representative from the Faculty Senate, union representation, and other ex-officio members.

Each committee meets monthly. Members review workplace accident reports and departmental health and safety plans, and help to identify and address potential hazards. This committee structure helps share safety-related information throughout the UW community.

Committees are a great resource. If you have a workplace safety concern or suggestion for your safety committee, get in touch with your representative or the chair of your group committee. See the Health & Safety Committees page on the EH&S website for which committee represents your department and to see the complete membership rosters. These are the chairs recently selected for each of the ten committees:

  • Group 1: Administrative and Other Academic Programs – Leslie Anderson, University Advancement
  • Group 2: Finance and Facilities – Chad Cook, Grant & Contract Accounting
  • Group 3: Student Life – Sara Jones, Recreational Sports Programs
  • Group 4: Health Sciences – Nadia Khan, School of Social Work
  • Group 5: UW Medicine – Liz Kindred, Harborview Medical Center
  • Group 6: College of Arts and Sciences – Paul Miller, Department of Chemistry
  • Group 7: UW Bothell – Betsy Brown, Department of Recreation & Wellness
  • Group 8: UW Tacoma – Alex Volkman, Advancement, and Hannah Wilson, Library
  • Group 9: College of Engineering – Sonia Honeydew, College of Engineering Dean’s Office
  • Group 10: College of the Environment – David Warren, Atmospheric Sciences

For more information regarding health and safety committees, contact EH&S at 206.543.7388.