Updated Reproductive Hazard Guidelines


EH&S released newly revised Reproductive Hazard Guidelines to inform employees, students, and volunteers about potential reproductive and developmental hazards, and safe work conditions and practices in their work environment.

Individuals who are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant should be aware of the risks associated with potential exposures to biological, chemical, radiological, and other hazardous materials during pregnancy.   

The Reproductive Hazard Guidelines inform both male and female employees about the potential risks to reproductive health and fetal development when there is a potential for exposure to hazardous materials in the work area. The guidelines contain details on identifying, evaluating, and reducing workplace risks.

Anyone with questions or concerns about their reproductive or obstetric health risks should talk with their healthcare provider prior to working with potentially hazardous materials. University personnel may also contact the UW Employee Health Center (206.685.1026 or emphlth@uw.edu). UW Medicine medical center personnel should contact their appropriate employee health group.