Safety training improves with new learning management system


Environmental Health & Safety is beginning a project to migrate online training content, course registrations, and training records to a learning management system (LMS) called Bridge. This migration is in an effort to streamline our training management processes and deliver more current and reliable on-line EH&S training content. Bridge will ultimately provide a single registration process for both on-line and instructor-led (classroom) courses and be a single source for all EH&S training records.  

The migration to Bridge will happen in three phases:

1. We will begin moving the online training courses previously contracted from SafetySmart to Bridge by February 2019. The content of these courses will be the same and users will still access the links to these courses from EH&S training webpage. The content will launch within Bridge and users will need to self-enroll for the course. Bridge will send notifications regarding the course to the user’s UW e-mail address. Users will still use the My Training tool to access training records.

2. Over the next few months, EH&S will begin moving training registrations for classroom courses to Bridge. We expect this migration to be completed by the end of April 2019. Instructions for registering through Bridge will be provided to help users through this transition. For classroom courses, users will still use the My Training tool to access training records.

3. Over the next few years, EH&S plans to re-develop our University-specific online courses created in-house and host them on Bridge, as well as add more University-specific online courses. We will keep our clients updated as new courses are redesigned and moved to Bridge. Eventually, all training records will be migrated to Bridge for users to access when needed.

During the migration process, users will continue to register for training courses on the EH&S Training page and training records will continue to be available from the My Training tool.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make these improvements to our training processes and content. If you have any questions, please contact the EH&S Training Office at 206.543.7201 or


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