Register your radiation producing device


In June 2019, Washington State Department of Health (DOH) changed the regulations governing radiation machine facility fees. The changes impact the fees paid by the University for radiation producing devices on campus and may result in an increase in inspections.

DOH has revised and eliminated their capped registration fee, such that all registrants will now pay a fee per tube plus a facility fee.  EH&S is preparing for the fee changes and anticipated increase in DOH inspections by verifying the University’s inventory of radiation producing devices.

Departments with radiation producing devices, such as X-ray machines, should submit a Radiation Producing Devices Registration Form by February 1, 2020. This applies to devices that have not yet been registered or do not have an operating permit from EH&S.

All registered devices will be issued a permit by EH&S allowing the permit holder (or designee) to operate the device in University owned and leased facilities.

University of Washington is required by regulation to register all radiation producing devices with the Washington State Department of Health, keep an up-to date inventory and ensure that the radiation producing devices meet the applicable requirements of state regulations. Radiation producing devices are any equipment that when energized are capable of emitting ionizing radiation. Types of radiation producing devices include X-ray diffraction or fluorescence units, electron microscopes, particle accelerators, E-beam evaporator, and veterinary/dental/medical radiography devices.

For more information about registering radiation producing devices, please contact EH&S’s Radiation Safety team at or 206.543.0463.


Washington Administrative Code 246-254-053 Radiation Machine Facility Fees