Office ergonomics and sit-stand workstations


What is a sit-stand workstation?

A sit-stand workstation is one that allows the user to alternate between sitting and standing by being able to lower or raise the work surface.

Standing desk   Sitting desk

Sitting vs. standing, which one is better?

Neither sitting nor standing for too long are good for your health. Prolonged sitting or standing can lead to static postures, which has been shown to be a risk factor for the development of musculoskeletal disorders. Having a combination of two will lead to better health outcomes.

How do I get a sit-stand workstation?

The decision to provide a sit-stand workstation or any other type of ergonomic office equipment is at the discretion of the employee’s supervising department. The provision of equipment may be required in cases of a reasonable accommodation approved through the Disability Services Office.

If your department requires you to have an ergonomic assessment, please complete the Office Ergonomic Evaluation Form. Please note that these evaluations will not result in a formal recommendation from EH&S for a sit-stand workstation but often result in other recommendations for improving the ergonomics of a workstation.

For ergonomic evaluation requests related to other (non-office) work areas, contact

For more information about ergonomic resources, including sit-stand workstations, selecting ergonomic office furniture, and guidelines for adjusting your computer workstation, please visit EH&S’s Ergonomics page.


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