New University policy to support laboratory safety


The University’s new Administrative Policy Statement 12.7 supporting laboratory safety is now published. The policy establishes University requirements for oversight of chemical and physical safety in research and academic environments, including the establishment of the Institutional Chemical and Physical Safety Committee (ICAPS), and an escalation process for addressing laboratory safety findings.

EH&S is the lead unit for implementing this policy on behalf of the University in conjunction with ICAPS. ICAPS is a faculty-led committee with a broad representation of University units and expertise. The ICAPS charter document outlines the purpose, scope, roles and responsibilities of the Committee. Updates to the University’s Laboratory Safety Program will be shared as they are available.

A shared partnership exists among University leadership, faculty, researchers, laboratory staff, support staff, students and EH&S to support a strong culture of safety - a culture in which all individuals working within a laboratory or potentially hazardous environments responsibly embrace health and safety as a core value.