New Policy on Asbestos and Regulated Building Materials


A new administrative policy statement on Managing Asbestos and Other Regulated Building Materials (APS12.1) was adopted by the UW. While the majority of the policy and procedures apply to facilities services departments and other service units, some procedures apply to all departments, including the following:

  • All new employees are required to complete a one-time General Asbestos Awareness online training when hired.
  • Departments performing or contracting for minor installations or alterations directly, or independent of Capital Planning and Development or UW Facilities alterations, must implement applicable procedures to avoid damaging asbestos. Examples of work include purchase and installation services for office cubicles, flooring, fixed audio/visual equipment, fixed shelving, or other building fixtures. 

Additional information about asbestos, the health hazard it presents, and how the University manages asbestos may be found at the EH&S website's Asbestos and Other Regulated Building Materials web page.