New Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Training and Resources


EH&S has developed a new online Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Training course to help those who work with or may be exposed to hydrofluoric acid (HF) in the workplace. HF exposures can lead to some serious injuries or fatalities.

This training is intended to reduce the risks associated with using HF in research, teaching, medical applications and maintenance activities. HF is often used in laboratories to clean surfaces, remove minerals and dissolve oxides, and it may be used by masons and glaziers for the same purpose.

The Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Training course covers:

  • Hazards of working with hydrofluoric acid
  • Exposure limits
  • Engineering controls to prevent exposures
  • Safe work practices
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Waste disposal
  • Spill and emergency response

This training satisfies the UW Policy and WA state standards that require training for all employees who work with or may be exposed to chemicals. 

In addition to the online training, EH&S developed an HF Focus Sheet and a standard operating procedure HF (SOP) template.

The PI or lab manager may adopt and modify the SOP to comply with the lab safety standard (WAC 296-828) requirements.

Shop Supervisors may use these documents when performing a job safety hazard analysis and personal protective equipment assessment.

If you have questions about this training, please contact EH&S at 206.543.7201