New hands-on training for chemical hygiene officers


EH&S’s Laboratory Safety Program now offers an interactive Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) Hands-On Training course for all CHOs at the UW.

This interactive classroom training course provides practice in identifying common laboratory hazards, conducting risk assessments, generating standard operating procedures (SOPs), organizing chemical storage, and chemical waste management. The course also provides information on tools and documents that support the laboratory in maintaining a safe workplace.

EH&S plans to offer Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) Hands-On Training course once per quarter and spaces are limited. The next offering is September 22 at Bagley Hall, and you can sign up on the Training page:

This training course is not required; however, it is a great opportunity for CHOs who want more support and knowledge of chemical and general lab safety practices. The course accommodates a variety of experience levels and research fields and is tailored to meet the needs of the participants as much as possible.

Please join us to have active discussions of safety issues and practices, gain experience thinking through common lab scenarios, and build connections with your fellow CHOs at the UW!

Contact for questions about the course.