MyChem modernization announcement


EH&S and UW-IT have collaborated to modernize MyChem, the UW’s chemical inventory tracking system, to provide a more reliable and effective tool with a modern interface that allows users more control over their inventories. 

Note: The link to MyChem has changed. The new MyChem URL is (A notice will be posted at the old URL sending users to the new URL.)

Log in to the new MyChem using the same username and password you used previously. After logging in, you’ll notice the menu bar is now located at the top of the screen. Select the Inventory menu option to view and track your chemical inventories as you had done previously.

MyChem’s new features include: 

  • Change room assignments: Use the Rooms button on your Person page to assign and unassign any room to your account; there’s no longer any need to ask EH&S. You will be notified if any other principal investigators (PIs) and responsible parties (RPs) also have inventories in the room. 
  • Move and duplicate chemicals: It’s now much simpler to relocate or duplicate your chemicals between your inventories, and there is no longer any limit to the number of chemicals you can move at one time. 
  • New access levels: A single user can now have multiple access levels, with view permission for some inventories and edit permission for others. PI/RPs can assign the new Inventory Manager role to contacts, which allows them to add/remove chemicals from your inventory, add/edit your contacts, assign/unassign rooms, and move or duplicate inventories. 
  • New reports available to users: The Material Location report lists chemicals with a given name, CAS number, or chemical ID. The Hazard Location Report lists all chemicals with a given hazard in your inventory.  
  • Redesigned caution signs: The Caution Sign generation form was updated for easier editing, and caution signs have been redesigned to show more information in the same amount of space.   
  • Dispose of chemicals not in your inventory: You can now request the collection of chemicals that aren’t present in the MyChem chemical database.  
  • Bookmark pages: Many pages on the website, such as an inventory, chemical, your contacts and your rooms, can now be bookmarked and accessed via URL.  
  • New Organization Manager role: This role oversees one or more departments, facilities and/or rooms, and has access to all inventories and contacts of users within their assigned areas.  
    • This role can assign/unassign rooms, edit inventories, move chemicals between inventories, transfer inventories from one PI/RP to another, and assign PI access to a new user, and assign the Organization Manager role to others without sending a request to EH&S.  
    • Accounts that were previously set with the Department View account type are now Organization Managers with view access.  
    • Contact to assign the Organization Manager role if it has not been assigned correctly.  

If you have any suggestions for improvements or find any bugs, please report it by clicking the Feedback link in the top menu bar in MyChem. You can also contact the MyChem support team at or 206.616.4046. We expect to receive a high volume of inquiries in the days and weeks following the launch; however, we will try to respond as quickly as possible.