Lab coat laundry requirements for labs that work with biohazards


If any aspect of your work includes biohazardous agents, you are required to use a laundry vendor that can provide medical laundry service. Do not attempt to launder coats yourself in the lab or at home. Check with your department to see if departmental laundry service already exists.

The University’s vendor for lab coat cleaning, MediCleanse, can provide medical laundering services. Other medical laundering services can be used, but not all laundry vendors provide medical laundering. When selecting a laundry vendor, confirm that they provide medical laundry service.  

Medical laundering uses cycles of chemicals, heat, and mechanical agitation to ensure biohazards are adequately removed. Medical laundering removes most vegetative pathogens but does not make the coats sterile.  More information on requirements for medical laundry are available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  

Launder lab coats on a regular schedule based on work activities and frequency of use. If a lab coat becomes soiled or potentially soiled, remove the coat and send it for laundering. For more lab coat best practices, refer to the EH&S news post Wear a Lab Coat to Protect Yourself.

For questions about lab coats worn for work with biohazards, contact EH&S Biological Safety at or 206-221-7770.