Improved training course for working with lab chemicals


The Managing Laboratory Chemicals – Online course has been updated to improve accessibility and incorporate adult learning concepts. The updated course replaces the existing HTML course and is similar in content.

Faculty, staff, and students who work in laboratories where chemicals are present are required to repeat this training every three years. If your training has expired or you have not yet completed the Managing Laboratory Chemicals course, please click on the link to do so.

The online course takes up to two hours to complete. It covers chemical hazards, protective measures, chemical storage, safety data sheets, hazardous waste disposal and chemical spill prevention and response in laboratories, including the unique hazards and specific emergency response procedures for working with hydrofluoric acid. The class partially fulfills federal and state chemical safety and hazardous waste training requirements and must be supplemented with laboratory-specific training on chemical hazards and waste management.

You can launch the course from the EH&S Training webpage.

For more information about the course, contact the EH&S Lab Safety Team at

chemical hazard pictograms