EH&S Shows Process Improvements


EH&S presented posters showing three distinct process improvements at the TAP Showcase on March 6, 2018. The changes are intended to create efficiencies and improve customer service in our Lab Safety Survey Program, Hazardous Waste Collection service and Radiation Safety Survey Program.

The improvements included:

  1. Enhancements to the Lab Safety Survey Digital Dashboard, including a portal for chairs, deans and executives to monitor safety gaps in their units’ research labs. View the Lab Safety Survey Digital Dashboard poster.
  2. Several improvements to the Hazardous Waste Collection Request system reduced the wait time for pickup and streamlined updates to the user’s chemical inventory. View the Hazardous Chemical Waste Collection poster.
  3. Elimination of paper and duplicate data entry by implementing an online database tool for recording radiation and contamination surveys. View the Radiation Safety Without Paper poster.

The TAP Showcase was hosted by UW Strategic Consulting. The process improvements showcased at the event were inspired by the TAP Survey, and enterprise-wide effort to enhance the culture of service in UW’s central administration units.

TAP Showcase March 2018
Alex Hagan explains the Lab Safety Initiative's Enhanced Digital Dashboard

TAP Showcase March 2018
Alex Hagan and Mai Nguyen with the Lab Safety Digital Dashboard Enhancements poster

TAP Showcase March 2018
Mike Zittle with the Radiation Safety WIthout Paper poster