Download compliant hazardous waste labels


New hazardous waste labels are available that are compliant with the new Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule regulations. These new labels are larger but can be used alone without additional labels.

The new labels include the required larger typefaces and simplified options to indicate the primary hazard. The new hazard selection options include Flammable, Toxic, Corrosive and Reactive.

To print new HAZARDOUS WASTE LABELS, use Avery 5168, 3M 3100 or equivalent labels. Be sure to select “Actual Size” in the print options menu.

For containers with UNIVERSAL WASTE (batteries, lamps, used mercury thermostats and used mercury-containing equipment):

NOTE: If you are using the old UW hazardous waste labels on containers over four liters, you are required to use one additional label to be compliant. For more information, please refer to How to Label Chemical Waste Containers.

For more information labeling hazardous waste containers, contact EH&S’s Environmental Programs team at 206.616.5835 or