Do You Need a Temporary Food Permit for Your UW Event?


If you are organizing an event where you plan to serve food, you might need a temporary food permit. The following groups need a temporary permit to sell or give away perishable food on UW property at an event open to the campus community:

  • Registered student organizations (RSOs)
  • UW departments
  • Non-UW groups organizing an event sponsored by a UW department
  • Off-campus groups intending to serve food from off-campus sources

If your group is planning to serve perishable food, no permit is needed if any of the following apply:

  • The food is provided by UW Housing and Food Services
  • The group is private and holding an invitation-only event, such as a wedding reception or conference
  • Home-prepared foods are to be served only as part of a departmental potluck
  • You plan to offer non-perishable, commercially pre-packaged food

You can easily apply for a temporary food permit on the EH&S website; please apply at least 10 working days before the event. For more information about food safety and permits, see the Food Safety Program web page or contact us.