Bats at the UW


Although bats are a key part of our ecosystem, it is important to remember that a small proportion of bats in Washington state carry rabies, a deadly disease in the saliva of infected animals.

You may have noticed bats flying around campus. They are commonly seen flying at dusk, which is normal and not a cause for concern. However, if a bat is found on the ground or indoors, it may be an indication of something wrong with the bat.

  • If you see a bat on the ground or struggling to fly, do not touch it! Report it by calling 206.543.7262.
  • If you see a bat inside a building on the UW campus, report it by calling 206.543.7262.

Never touch a bat. On the UW campus, the Environmental Health & Safety Department will request a wildlife technician to capture a bat that has had direct contact with a person. The wildlife technician will take it to the local public health department for testing.

A bat should be captured only if it has had direct contact with a person, or if a bat is found indoors with someone asleep or unaware of whether direct contact occurred.

For more information about bats and rabies, please see the following resources:bat


Originally published on 11/19/18