2022 Laboratory Safety Manual is now available


The December 2022 version of the UW Laboratory Safety Manual (LSM) is now available for download or printing. It's time to review, bookmark, or print a copy of the updated LSM and make it available for all staff and students in your lab. Keeping your safety documents up to date and easily accessible are key for staying safe.

All personnel in UW laboratories using hazardous chemicals must have access to a current copy of the UW Laboratory Safety Manual. Review the log of changes for a list of updates made this year.

Faculty, staff, and students working in research and teaching laboratories need to have access at all times to their Chemical Hygiene Plan, which is a combination of the Laboratory Safety Manual and lab-specific safety documents. This can be challenging if the lab has a large number of staff, more than one room in a building, or multiple locations on campus. A shared drive containing all your safety documents makes it easier to keep them current, have access to them in all lab locations, and ensure that everyone is using the correct version.

For those who would like a paper copy of the complete LSM, the latest version is available through the UW Copy Center. Complete the online form to order yours today!  

Visit the Safety Manuals page for more information. Contact the Lab Safety Team at labcheck@uw.edu with questions.