October is National Biosafety Month: Promoting a culture of safety

During National Biosafety Month, you are encouraged to focus attention on biosafety policies and practices. Investigators and laboratory managers can raise biosafety awareness, discuss the importance of safety, and seek input on ways to strengthen biosafety in their labs. This year, EH&S is focusing on ways you can promote a culture of safety.

1. Know your responsibilities as a principal investigator (PI).


Shipping Regulated Medical Waste training course is now online

The EH&S Shipping Regulated Medical Waste training course is now available online! This training is required initially and every three years for any personnel who perform the final packaging steps and offer shipments to the UW waste contractor. The online training includes hazard and security awareness, safety procedures, and function-specific shipping instructions. We hope that the online course makes it easier for personnel to complete the training requirement.


Gear up for summer lab work

Summer in Seattle means hiking, biking, kayaking and ... lab work! Yes, many of us spend gorgeous summer days working in the lab. While it's fine to wear shorts, skirts, sandals or flip flops outside, wearing these items in the lab can expose you to hazards. We recommend keeping an appropriate change of clothes and shoes in the lab. Proper lab attire ensures your skin is covered and protected. Even if you aren't working with hazardous materials that day, your coworker might be, so always dress to protect yourself.