COVID-19 Safety Training Report

University supervisors, managers and unit leaders can access a report of COVID-19 Safety Training records using the COVID-19 Safety Training Report tool.

The report shows records of individuals who completed the COVID-19 Safety Training: Back to the Workplace by organization code, manager or individual. Each report combines data from the EH&S Training database and the University’s Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Select the 7 digit code and department name from the dropdown menu to view records of all personnel under the selected organization code. You can filter records by selecting "completed" or "completed" and date range.

Input the manager or supervisor’s UWNetID to view all records for personnel who report to the selected manager or supervisor. You can filter records by selecting complete or incomplete and date range.

  • Click on the MyTraining link and enter an individual’s UWNetID, EmployeeID, or StudentID to view all EH&S Training records for that individual.

You can enter multiple individuals by separating them with a comma. You can filter records by selecting current or expired and date range.




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