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08/30/2021 - 20:30


The purpose of the COVID-19 Vaccination Verification Guidance for Venues and In-Person University Events is to help prevent COVID-19 transmission in the UW community in accordance with the new state and local vaccine verification requirements, Washington Ready re-opening plan, state and local worker safety rules, and public health guidance, and the University’s COVID-19 Prevention Plan, and COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines for In Person Events.

Log of changes:

  • Updated introductory paragraphs, including scope, exceptions and implementation to reflect the vaccination requirement is optional as of March 1, 2022 to align with Washington state removal of a vaccination requirement for events and venues
  • Revised the requirement for dining areas of food establishments with indoor seating on 12/10/21 to indicate vaccine verification is required at all food establishments with indoor dining (previously applied only to food establishments with seating for 12 or more).
  • Added link to COVID-19 Vaccination Verification Poster on 11/10/21
  • Added details about COVID-19 testing options on 11/10/21
  • Revised Applicability section on 10/25/21
  • Added Scope section on 10/25/21
  • Updated acceptable proof and list of acceptable vaccines on 10/25/21
  • Updated the alternative options to providing vaccination verification on 10/25/21
  • Updated name from "Guidelines for Establishing a Vaccine Requirement for In-Person University Event" on 10/25/21
  • Added links to resources to aid the verification process on 9/9/21
  • Added clarification on 9/9/21 under points 3 and 4 regarding the details that must appear on a vaccination record or test result
  • Added self-reporting is not acceptable proof on 9/9/21


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